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Smart products will be a tendency in the future development of Lighting.

April 11, 2023

Latest company news about Smart products will be a tendency in the future development of Lighting.

    Regarding the future development of intelligent lighting, Lin Liangqi, CEO of XX Lighting, once said that the lighting industry can be divided into three stages according to the development trend: Energy-saving Lighting, Control Lighting, and Intelligent Lighting. At present, most enterprises in the industry are still in the stage of lighting control. Intelligent systems and intelligent lighting are the space to expand to expand for the industry in the next step.


    When it comes to the challenges facing in the smart lighting industry, Lin Liangqi believes that the first thing to solve is the integration of multiple systems. Using multiple incompatible smart systems in one home reduces efficiency and creates wastes. He said, "Smart products need to be ecological and scenario-oriented. The most important thing about so-called intelligence is not smart products, but the scenario-based solutions brought by smart products."


   The second is the standardization of technology and the ecology of the industry. The standardization of technology can promote the compatibility between smart products, and the ecology of the industry will promote the integration between large and medium-sized enterprises and provide higher value for the market. Lin Liangqi suggested, "This needs to reach an overall consensus from the state, local governments, as well as investors, enterprises, as well as R&D and users."

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