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company news about How do we choose outdoor LED flood lights?

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Company News
How do we choose outdoor LED flood lights?
Latest company news about How do we choose outdoor LED flood lights?

How do we choose outdoor LED flood lights?


Outdoor floodlights, also known as outdoor spotlights, almost all large-area lighting fixtures used outdoors can be regarded as floodlights. It is often used in stadiums, building outlines, squares, overpasses, tunnels, parks and backyards, gardens etc. As these lamps have a large number of options in the market with different specifications, it may be challenging to choose suitable floodlights for different applications. You need to consider the following factors when you choose which outdoor LED floodlight is working for you. Here are some points below:

1. Working Voltage

The working voltage of LED floodlights on the market mainly includes 110-120VAC for Japan, and some America markets like USA, and Canada, Mexico etc, 200-240VAC for other countries mostly Asia and European markets, and low voltage AC/DC12V, 24V, 36V, 48V. Before purchasing floodlight fixtures, please confirm which working voltage meets your demand.

2. Lumen Flux

When choosing exterior led floodlights, lumen value is more important than power value. Power value (Wattage) measures the energy required to illuminate the product, and lumen determines the brightness of the lamp. This means that the more lumen the product, the brighter the lamp. Customers should not choose projection lamps based on the power value (watts) but should consider how much brightness (lumens) they provide.

3. Wattage

Wattage is a measure standard of the energy consumption of a lamp, not the amount of light it emits. For led floodlights, generally, 10W to 1000 Watt is optional. For small places, 10W-50 Watt is enough, and they are suitable for installation at a height of 3-5 meters. Then the higher wattage is a better choice for a higher place.

4. Beam Angle

The beam angle of led flood lights can be wide or narrow, and the range is between 3°~140°. Different application places have different requirements for the luminous angle. For some trees, landscapes, or building outlines, it is more suitable to choose a narrow beam angle led floodlight, which can play a key part in the lighting effect, highlighting the characteristics of the illuminated object. However, for large scales, the wide distribution floodlights will be much better, such as 120° or 70*140°.

5. Color Temperature

Led light color temperature refers to the color value emitted by the light source. Different light colors of lamps give people different feelings. There are four options for the colors of LED lamps on the market.

  • 2700K Warmer yellowish: looks like orange, widely for some special lighting usages.
  • 3000K Warm White: looks like yellow, making people feel warm and comfortable.
  • 4000K-4500K Natural White: looks like sunlight.
  • 5500K-6500K Cold White: Bluish white light.

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